Individual or Group Volunteers


With the gift of your time through social support and cultural guidance, you can empower our refugee brothers and sisters to become self-sufficient in their new American home right here in the DFW area! Below is a brief explanation of our volunteer opportunities:
Family Friend: Help our new neighbors adapt and adjust to American life through intentional companionship and personalized service. Friendship Partners develop beneficial and meaningful relationships by spending time together. What a great opportunity to share the love and hope of Jesus Christ with the nations through meeting the social, economic, and spiritual needs of the newly-arrived international families living in your own community. Common activities include one or more of the following: home visits, drinking tea and conversation, airport pick-ups, rides to appointments, signing apartment lease, getting children enrolled in school.  Minimum commitment of 1 hour a week for 3 months. 
Good Neighbor Team (GNT): True transformation happens through relationship. The GNT opportunity allows for relationships to form. A GNT is a group of 4-12 people who are passionate about showing Christ’s love to the refugee community here in Tarrant County.  A GNT is partnered with an individual refugee or refugee family and works to assist World Relief Fort Worth staff with various aspects of the resettlement process. A GNT’s role is to create loving, lasting, life-long, mutually beneficial relationships with their partnered refugees through weekly visits to the family and assisting with the resettlement process. A GNT is often a pre- existing small group or community group from a local Church; however, a GNT can also be any group of people that come together out of their passion for serving the vulnerable. Common activities include one or more of the following: home visits, airport pick-ups, rides to appointments, signing the apartment lease, getting children enrolled in school, job application assistance, and cultural adjustment orientation. A minimum of 6 month commitment.
Intern: World Relief Fort Worth offers intern positions to individuals wishing to take part in cross-cultural ministry.  Participants will learn the challenges and blessings of sharing the Christian faith across language divides to those wishing to learn more. Integral mission—sharing the love of Jesus in word and deed—is central to accomplishing World Relief Fort Worth’s mission to “empower the local Church to serve the most vulnerable” and will be incorporated throughout the internship.  Interns will have the opportunity to work alongside staff members as they provide services to new refugee families as they arrive while thinking creatively about ways the local church can take ownership of teaching opportunities among the populations.  We can collaborate with degree programs to meet internship requirements for school credit.  Participants can also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the refugee community by allowing World Relief to place them in housing among the families.
Estimated costs for this can be provided and weekly hours can be flexible.   Minimum requirements: commitment of 3 months, 12-40 hours a week, a valid drivers’ license, and some cross-cultural experience.
Case Assistant: Help one of our resettlement programs on a weekly basis by doing some of the following: giving refugees rides to medical appointments, job interviews and other appointments, visiting refugees’ homes, and delivering goods from our donations warehouse.  Minimum commitment of 3 hours a week for 3 months.
Donations Assistant: There is a flow of ‘blessings’ from churches that are headed towards loving new refugees into the kingdom.  Sorting and organizing these items are a huge help. BUT volunteers do more than sort through donations; they can also work with the local international church to prepare welcome packages for incoming families.  Groups working  at the warehouse can pack needed items then deliver these items door to door to refugee families. This flow of blessings helps World Relief build trust and relationship. Minimum commitment of 2 hours a week for 3 months. 
Small donation delivery: We are continually blessed by the donations that we receive from people in our area. Once those donations have been taken to our storage unit, they will need to make their way to our refugee families. We are in need of people who would be willing to take our refugees to the storage unit to pick out things that they need or to take items from the storage unit to our refugee’s apartment when a need has been identified.
Donations pick up: We are blessed to have many people who would like to donate furniture to our refugee families. This creates a need to have people pick up those donations and take them to our storage unit. We are in need of people who would be willing to schedule a time to do donation pickups.
Front desk help: Being the first face a person sees sets the tone for how an organization is perceived. We are in need of people to help with our front desk who would like to be a friendly face who serves all those who walk in our door by connecting them to the people they have come to see.
ESL/ Citizenship Class Teachers: Empower refugee families to build their English skills while teaching them about the United States and becoming a U.S. citizen. Minimum commitment of 2 hours a week for 6 months.
Homework Help: Tutor children ages 9-12 in our clubhouse located in one of the apartment complexes where our refugees are resettled. Assist them in finishing their homework assignments on Thursday afternoons before their assignments are due on Friday. Minimum commitment of 1 hour a week for 3 months.  
English Tutor: Many of our new neighbors arrive speaking little to no English, which makes settling into America very difficult. English tutors meet one-on-one with and during this time, you’ll help our refugee friends develop the skills they need to fill out important paperwork, navigate the work force, and build a new social circle. Minimum commitment of 1 hour a week for 3 months. 
Employment Mentor: Volunteer with an international professional in the same career field as you as they strive to reach their career goals in the United States. Mentors guide and support our clients as they navigate the work environment and professional culture in their new country. Minimum commitment of three months.


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CONTACT: Please contact us at or 817-789-8795 with any questions.