PURPOSE: To provide refugees with a safe and stable living environment, ongoing support from family or friends, and the means to become self-sufficient

WHAT WE DO:  R&P (Reception and Placement) provides services such as airport pickup, help with initial housing, food, cash assistance, social security and food stamp applications, help with school enrollment, and medical, ESL, and employment referrals.

SERVICE CRITERIA:  R&P provides services to all refugees for 30 – 90 days, and if all the R&P core services are provided before the 90th day the case can be closed.

CHURCH ENGAGEMENT: R&P seeks to involve volunteers from local churches by connecting refugee families with volunteers who are interested in investing in refugees and sharing the truth of the gospel with them through airport pickups, housing setup, and teaching ESL classes.

CONTACT: Please contact us using our contact form and choose Refugee Resettlement Services category if you have any further questions.