PURPOSE: To provide temporary assistance to new refugees, asylees, parolees, and victims of trafficking to aid them in becoming self sufficient.

WHAT WE DO: Issue cash assistance monthly in the form of checks to eligible clients.

SERVICE CRITERIA: Clients must meet eligibility requirements and be enrolled and comply with employment services.  Clients are only eligible for service during the first 8 months after they arrive to the US.  The 8 months are split in half so that during the first four months, the RCA payment is substantially higher than the payment during the last four months.

CHURCH ENGAGEMENT:  Volunteers could  host a budgeting class in adjunct to an English class or separately.  Possibly church families who are paired with refugees help them learn how to cash checks/make money orders/pay bills.

CONTACT: Rebecca Armenta at RRoldan-Armenta@wr.org for more information.