From the day an R&P Orientation program worker picks up a refugee families as they arrive at DFW, we are training them towards independence in their new American life.   Since families are only able to bring what can fit in their suitcases, World Relief provides the basics to get them on their feet: basic furnishings, simple kitchen items, linens and household items, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and staple food items. The supplies are just enough to get started in the first weeks of living in the United States.  We also spend time training families on issues such as American culture, housing, safety, hygiene, budgeting, and government assistance options as they search for a job.

Donations of household set up items are always needed! Please see the items we most need by clicking here. World Relief helped 542 refugees in 2009 and expects to serve at least that many in 2010!

Our staff and volunteers work extremely hard to secure apartments, stock kitchens, provide cultural orientation, document official records, help refugees apply for social security cards, food stamps, and Medicaid. They transport refugees to health screening, give referrals to English classes, and visit clients weekly for the first month they are in-country.

World Relief R&P Orientation is the front line of assistance to new refugees. Besides donations of household items and furniture, volunteers can partner with us to be a first-American-friend to people from diverse nations of the world as they flee hardship and arrive in a new home of safety.

To join hands with our R & P Orientation team, contact the Program Leader, Jonathan T. Parsons at 817-760-1409 or email him at using our contact form