We’re like a Staffing Agency, but different
World Relief’s Fort Worth office is prepared to meet your company’s staffing needs. World Relief provides specialized services to area companies in order to meet their needs. Every service we provide is completely free to the employer and to the employee, as we are a Non-Profit Organization serving Tarrant County as well as the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our agency resettles refugees from various countries around the world, such as Burma, Nepal or Sudan. We resettle them right here in Tarrant County and help them become self-sufficient by joining the workforce.

We’re ready to meet your needs today
All of the refugees that World Relief places into the workforce are immediately available, legally authorized to work, E-Verify ready, and ready to participate in your company’s drug and background check policies.

Reduced turnover, increased productivity
As you can see from the video above and the testimonials below, hiring refugees comes with many benefits. Above all, refugees want to work. After being trained to your company’s standards, they will likely contribute for years to come with superb productivity and incredibly low turnover.

Don’t take our word for it:

“No one from World Relief has ever come in wanting a handout. They have all come in and
worked hard and moved up…The values of World Relief align with the values of Marsh
Furniture Company.”

- Bill Bumgarner,
Marsh Furniture Company

Hiring refugees through World Relief has greatly improved the staff at
the Hyatt Regency…From our experience, many refugees bring a strong work ethic
and assimilate to our work environment well. They participate…and really want
to do a good job
- Renee Perrin,
Hyatt Regency

Contact World Relief’s employment program today to learn more about the benefits of hiring a refugee: Use our contact form and select the category hire a refugee.