PURPOSE: To provide assistance to refugees, asylees, parolees and victims of trafficking with emergencies, health issues, and cultural adjustment

WHAT WE DO: First we interview the refugee client to assess their needs. The main areas to be assessed are: financial stability, health, English skill, child welfare, employment, transportation, food, housing, Immigration law compliance, and status adjustment. We then create a service plan with mutually agreed upon goals and responsibilities which is carried until completion. Case management is budgeted to provide transportation and interpretation.

SERVICE CRITERIA: Priority #1 is given to those in the U.S. less than 1 year.   #2 if in U.S. more than one year, but on cash assistance.  #3 unemployed.   #4 employed.

CHURCH ENGAGEMENT: Churches could engage in trainings on how to assist refugees to connect to needed resources. Partner with the ethnic churches in teaching about the US policies and completing applications for assistance for their own ethnic groups. Partner with individual families who have special needs. Small groups could join in community development projects that train refugees with life skills. Examples are cooking, paying bills, organizing paper work etc.

Contact: Please contact Jonathan Parsons using our contact form for any further questions using case management category.