World Relief Fort Worth is one of the 23 local offices for World Relief, an international nonprofit organization aiming to help vulnerable people.  Each year, the U.S. offices help “Welcome the Stranger” by resettling thousands of refugees into their new lives in the U.S.  Nationwide, World Relief is the largest evangelical refugee resettlement agency in America.

Internationally, World Relief has offices in 16 countries on four continents and helps 2.8 million people annually.  While the U.S. offices work mainly in refugee resettlement, the international offices work in the fields of health, child development, agriculture and food security, disaster response and microfinance.

The history of World Relief:

World Relief was founded in 1944 in New York City as the War Relief Commission of the National Association of Evangelicals to address the needs of the vulnerable people living in war-torn Europe.   By 1950, War Relief changed its name to World Relief and began to expand services to Korea, Vietnam, Chile, Peru and Bangladesh.

In 1975, World Relief launched its refugee resettlement ministry becoming the only evangelical agency authorized to resettle refugees by the U.S. State Department.

World Relief Fort Worth

Since our founding in the 1970s, our mission at the Fort Worth office has been: Empowering the local Church to serve the most vulnerable.  We accomplish this mission in accordance to our values:  being an example of Jesus, empowering the Church, valuing diversity of people, achieving continual excellence, leading resettled refugees, volunteers or local partners to create sustaining change, partnership and prayer.

Programs offered at World Relief Fort Worth

Our office works in seven main programs with about 30 employees and interns.

Reception and Placement

  • Receives and cares for more than 500 refugees each year from the time they arrive at DFW airport.  R&P provides the basic furnishings and necessities for the refugees’ apartments, trains families in American culture and hygiene standards, enrolls children in school, and helps families with paperwork and finding employment. 

Match Grant

Provides services to clients so that they will obtain self-sufficiency in their first 180 days in the U.S.

Refugee Cash Assistance 

Provides temporary assistance to new refugees to aid them in becoming self-sufficient in 9 months.

Case management 

Creates service plans for newly arrived refugees with goals in financial stability, health, English skill, child welfare, employment, transportation, housing and food, etc.

Mental Health Services and Elderly Assistance

– Provide additional help for people in the refugee population who need special care.

Employment Services –

Partners with local business to find refugees suitable jobs according to their English and professional skills.

Immigration Services –

For a fee, our office can provide immigration counseling, legal documents and notary services.

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