Welcome to World Relief Fort Worth's

Holiday Gift Guide

In the spirit of the season, we desired to take radical welcome one step further and share with everyone an opportunity to empower resettled refugees in their giftings & skills. Below, you'll find beautiful selections of goods to give your loved ones this season. Read more about the work of our local office this year and featured companies in an online magazine here



Jerusalem Candle


Add an aroma of peace to your space with the 'Jerusalem Candle.' This candle and others are hand poured by refugees located in Dallas, TX through SEEK the Peace. SEEK the Peace advocates for the safety, peace, and flourishing of refugees and immigrants. They offer a variety of aromatic candles and jewelry. Check out their advocacy & shop here.


Bourbon Pecan Granola

For the foodies (or anyone who likes quality food!), give a bag of tasty 'Bourbon Pecan Granola,' made by refugees in Providence, RI. Beautiful Day provides economic employment to refugees who make spend their time making granola that's good for the soul. You can even sign up to give a granola subscription for the "crunchy" friends in your life! Check out their selection here.

Pale Pink Ear Poms

Earrings fit for a pom queen! These 'Pale Pink Pom Earrings' are made by refugee women in Dallas, TX. GAIA for Women employs and trains resettled women to make their selection of brightly colored jewelry, tops, handbags, and accessories. They have been featured in D Magazine, The Oprah Magazine, and even on J.Crew's Unicorn List!  Check out their fun selection here or shop their beautiful storefront in the city.

Pug Tie



Give him a pug & a hug! The 'Steel-Blue Pug Necktie' is handmade by refugees through Knotty Tie Co. Based out of Denver, CO, Knotty Tie Co. offers neckties, bow-ties, and  pocket squares, in a wide variety of patterns to express any personality. They even offer custom designs for weddings, companies and organizations! Check out their funky shop here.


Safari Storyboard


Lions, tigers, & bears! Oh my! Zeki Learning is part of a non-profit social enterprise called Child's Cup Full, based in the United States and the West Bank. ​They hand make high quality learning materials for preschool aged children that supports cognitive development & language learning. Your kiddo could be anything from a mailman to a zookeeper! Check out their shop here.


African Spiced Pear Tea


African Spiced Pear Tea is a great gift for a quali-TEA friend. RefuTea is a social enterprise in Grand Rapids, MI that employs refugees and donates 10% of their sales each quarter to resettlement agencies in the area. Check out their online tea shop here.


Holiday Lounge Pants


Snuggle up with your loved ones in Vickery Trading Co.'s 'Holiday Lounge Pants.' Vickery Trading Co. is located in Dallas, TX. They provide vocational training and employment along with mentorship and other programs to equip refugee women for long term success. They have several collections of clothing and accessories that you can shop here


Charcoal Soap


Although they are located overseas, we could not resist telling you about Preemptive Love Coalition. Preemptive Love works overseas in war torn countries such as Syria and Iraq to empower refugees. Their employment and coalition efforts help refugee families see that they have hope for a future that doesn't to include violence. Each gift purchase empowers 3 refugee families. Check out the work they are doing overseas and shop their gifts of empowerment here


We hope that you will choose to empower our neighbors here in the United States and across the world this season. Purchasing even just one gift through one of these places of empowerment makes a difference.

Merry Christmas! 

Love, World Relief Fort Worth