In February, we were tasked with taking a mother from a Muslim culture to a food bank to get her registered and pick up food for her. When we arrived at her apartment, she very eagerly showed us the shopping list her son had written out for us. It included items such as eggs, milk, fresh produce, flour and other staples. She was so excited to fill her list.


We arrived at the food bank, and even though we had major communication issues with each other, we were able to fill out the necessary forms and get her approved for some boxes of food. We waited at the door we were directed to, and the workers brought out two boxes of food!! She anxiously started sorting through the boxes, only to discover they contained items like bacon, processed lunch meat, lots of cookies, chips - none of the items on her list. In fact, I imagine several of the items in the boxes would not be allowed in her home due to dietary restraints from her culture and religion. We knew she needed food for her family, so we headed off to a nearby Walmart.


When we entered Walmart, our friend looked like a kid in a candy store. She started filling bags with onions, mangos, vegetables, bunches of bananas, multiple bags of flour, baking supplies, spices, gallons of milk, and dozens of eggs!! Two shopping carts later we checked out, loaded her food in the car, and took her home. I'm sure she had enough food to feed her family of 5 for a month. 


We take so many things for granted as Americans. Going shopping at Walmart is an old hat but seeing her appreciation for the quantity and quality of food items makes us appreciate what we have. We were blessed with the chance to show the love of Christ to this woman and her family by meeting her material needs. 


Bruce and Cathy Ralston